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Reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket drug costs

While insurance plans with $15 and $20 copays are common, a wide range of drugs are under $10 with GoodRx. Many are $5 or less! Also, there are no deductibles, drug tiers, or special formularies — just great prices on the prescription drugs your employees need to stay healthy.

Join thousands of companies who are adding GoodRx savings cards to their benefits plans

  • GoodRx is 100% FREE for your company and employees
  • Each card can be used as often as needed by full- and part-time employees
  • Employees can use the card for all members of their family — even pets

Millions of consumers
use GoodRx every month.
Order your savings cards now.

Cards will be mailed to:

GoodRx will use your email address to confirm your request and send you marketing messages. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery. By ordering these cards, you confirm that your address is not a pharmacy or located within a pharmacy.

Using GoodRx Prescription Drug Savings Cards instead of insurance is as easy as 1-2-3:


Hand the GoodRx savings card to the pharmacist with a prescription


Ask the pharmacist to check both the GoodRx discount price and the insurance price


Select the option with the lowest price

GoodRx is accepted at 70,000+ U.S. pharmacies, including:

GoodRx has saved insured and uninsured consumers $20 billion!